About Us

TreesCommunity Forest is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, whose mission is to empower individuals to lead richer lives and strengthen their communities through shared educational and cultural experiences in the natural environment.

This new organization will use the facilities of Wilder Forest, through a conditional use permit and lease, to offer outdoor growth experiences and cultural history educational simulations such as those listed below.

Community Forest will be unique among experiential education organizations in the United States because of our blended emphasis on cultural and environmental learning, and our ability to provide a prime venue for established, highly-sought-out programs. These programs cut across cultural and socioeconomic boundaries to promote deeper understanding of one’s own heritage and of others’, celebrating differences and finding the common bonds that make for greater social engagement across segments of our community.


Community Forest programs include:

  • Recreational outdoor opportunities for families and nonprofits
  • Underground Railroad, Hmong Odyssey, and other Cultural Simulation Programs
  • Dare 2 Be Real (student and school equity retreats)
  • Trainings/retreats designed to help teachers, educators, and others learn how to interact and work effectively with communities of color.

Community Forest operates in partnership and cooperation with other public and private education, health, welfare, and community organizations. Community Forest is working to become a hub for cultural education, discussion, and harmony in Minnesota.

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